Introduction: Sterility Equipment India Private Limited is reliable EO sterilizer that provides the latest technological advances in the industry. Specially designed for low temperature sterilization of moisture sensitive equipment.


“Sterility Equipment India Private Limited” Models Available:

Models Sizes in Feet Capacity in Liter
SE-50L 1’ X 1’ X 2’ 50 Ltr
SE-100L 1’ X 1’ X 4’ 100 Ltr
SE-127L 1.5’ X 1.5’ X 2’ 127 Ltr

* Sizes can be made as per customer demand


“Sterility” Ethylene Oxide is widely used in the medical industry to sterilize consumables or products. Ethylene oxide (ETO or EO) sterilization plays an important role in an effective healthcare infection control program because of its reliability and gentleness.

ETO Sterilizer: Ethylene oxide sterilizers to process sensitive instruments which cannot be adequately sterilized by other methods.EO, a potent, anti-microbial agent, can kill all known viruses, bacteria and fungi, annihilating even the most sterilization-resistant types of microorganisms, bacterial spores. Tough on microbes, ethylene oxide still treats most medical materials gently, even with repeated use. The ability to seal items in all-plastic packaging permits sterility maintenance for an indefinite period following gas sterilization.



  • Control system provides strict control of vacuum, chamber temperature, exposure / aeration time etc. To assure consistent, accurate performance.
  • Cycle progresses automatically through vacuum,exposure, sterilizing, and aerating phases which held in memory even if a power outage occurs.
  • Screen on the control panel indicate specific phases during the operation.
  • A leak test function takes a prevision of any leakage possibility and the sterilizer can be started only when the vacuum is completely drawn.
  • Use individual gas canister of 100% ethylene oxide. It eliminates potential leakage from tanks or fittings.
  • Negative chamber pressure ensures that gas cannot escape into operating area.
  • There is no release of E.O gas until puncturing occurs inside the sterilizer and only after the door is locked and a complete vacuum is drawn.
  • Aeration system reduces the potential for operator exposure to EO.
  • An effective air filter is used to prevent contaminated air from entering into the chamber.
  • The construction of chamber and cabinet are made of high quality stainless steel for high performance of corrosive resistance against.
  • Material of construction built for internal chamber is of SS 316.
  • PLC - Display: 4”3’ Color touch screen
  • Automation Hardware: PLC (CE approved, CLASS 1 DIV2 Groups ABCD)

Safety Devices:

  • Cycle does not start unless chamber is locked also door-unlocked signal is displayed on the control panel.
  • High temperature deviation in chamber actuates audible alarm and protective device cuts off the heating source immediately.
  • A leak test function takes a prevision of any leakage possibility and the sterilizer can be started only when the vacuum is completely drawn.
  • RCCB protects control units when short circuit or overload occurs.
  • Warranty: 24 months from the date of installation and commissioning has been done from our end.

Our offered Sterilizers are functional for sterilizing needles, vessels, syringes and surgical instruments. These Sterilizers are supplied to the hospitals, clinics and health centers with 3 core cord together with a 3- pin plug for use on 220 / 250 W, Single phase AC.

The range is easy to install and does not acquire maintenance charges. In order to suit the diversified needs of the clients, we offer our range in various technical specifications.